At OnShelf Pharma, we believe in taking ownership for maximising growth on the brands that we service. We achieve this through premium data analysis and partnering with key suppliers in the brand development value chain. Partnering with power partners allows us to differentiate and build on our market offering with expertise.
OnShelf is supported by the following technologies
    – Qlikview  – Repwise –

Who is Onshelf FMCG?

We act as an extension of our clients brands, ensuring the best representation of their brand in retail environments.

We have a growth mind set towards our clients, our business, our people and ourselves. We encourage innovation, we will take considered risks.

We anticipate the needs of our clients and customers, both internal and external. We are driven to give all we deal with extraordinary service.

We have strong emotional connection to the outcome of our work and the well-being of our people.

What we do

We act consistently in a way that is aligned to our values. We are always open and transparent. We share news, both good and bad, with equal enthusiasm and speed.

We drive clear and objective targets, monitor and communicate results. We aim to exceed expectations.

We maintain our performance standards and meet our commitments. We create structured environments with a clear deliverables and deadlines.

Our Promise

We manage expectations and avoid disappointment. We respond and act quickly.

Who is Prana Business Consulting?

Prana Business Consulting marketing consultancy, focused on the Health, Baby and Beauty industry.  Delivering exceptional value and turn key custom solutions, Prana builds brands and grow sales. We provide marketing solutions in:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Brand Design and Packaging Solutions
  • Customer Relation Management and Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing, Website and Social Media Solutions

What we do

Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution to our clients and partners.  The focus is equally on a quality process and measurable results.

Our Promise

Our promise and commitment is to grow our business and our partners’ businesses, to the highest possible level, while acting with environmental responsibility. Go to for more information.

Who is ALMO?

A specialist segment of OnShelf operating in rural and urban areas, that require fluency across the official languages. The segment allows access to the independent stores within communities.

What we do

We do sales and promotions within the independent community stores segments. With promotions that are set up to drive trial, this channel provides a faster route to market because of the convenience.

Our Promise

We provide high quality service with OnShelf’s methodologies and operations to this channel building supportive relationships. Brands are well represented and supported by loyal buyers and customers.

Who is Repwise?

We are the premier electronic territory management system in South Africa.  We offer cutting edge mobile solutions to deliver user friendly tools and create a real time environment.

What we do

Repwise have a series of information programs and can also customise programs to suit the clients needs. These tools are used for various applications from order status to report access.

Our Promise

To deliver a well managed platform that fully supports your business operations.

Who is QlikView?

QlikView Is a Powerful, Independent and Customisable business intellegence program with an interface that is easy to navigate.

What we do

Only QlikView brings together a comprehensive, platform-based approach that answers all of your data discovery needs. Customise your data analysis to adress your business needs.

Our Promise

Simple interfaces that are designed for both rich visualizations and deep data exploration to help you business manage and identify hidden points of profit. Go to for more information