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Riding the Retail Wave in 2020

We’ll need nimble skills to negotiate the choppy waters of the general retail market in 2020. While some businesses are riding the unpredictable business tides others are being washed out to sea. A lot will depend on strong business leaders being tenacious, focused... read more

The Year of the Flexi-Brand #Trends2020

With news of Uber choosing Hyundai to build its Air Taxi Fleets, the reality that brands cannot be just one thing in 2020 is reinforced. Businesses need to evolve rapidly – whether it’s radically reaching out into different sectors, co-branding or taking to the... read more

A Month of Black Fridays

Like having Christmas decorations in shops in October, Black Friday 2019 began well in advance of the day itself.  So much so that consumers may have been led to believe the event could fall on any Friday in November. Once again there were relatively unheeded warnings... read more

Do Women Shop Differently?

Is it outdated to believe women still shop differently to men? The clichés are men purchase for speed and women are more motivated by price, men are big online shoppers but women still like something tangible and prefer brick-and-mortar stores.  While we celebrate... read more

The Art of Retailtainment

Experiential retail is pretty much anything which happens around the sale of a product. Then there’s “retailtainment”, a term made popular by American sociologist, professor, and author George Ritzer. He describes retailtainment as the use of “Ambience, emotion, sound... read more

Four Ways in which Big Pharma Is Using Big Data

The definition of data analytics (also known as data analysis) is the qualitative and quantitative processes which improve productivity and business gain. Analysing data in different ways allows patterns to be identified and behaviours to be noticed. The way data is... read more